Port-O' Call 2

Last we left our heroes, Garryck, the elven catboy, saved Sot, the gnomish ranger, and his dog by riding a fiendish pony away from attacking shadows and laying fiendish dolphins down in their wake in the streets.
Siran, Hostess of Shadows, in a moment of illumination decided that the best way to calm the city down was to kill everyone. A wave darkness exploded from her as shadows were unleashed upon the unsuspecting population.
Her sister, Tirin, Fraulein of the Woods, watching her sister laps further into darkness took it upon her self to stop the madness. She called on nature to constrain her sister who found herself held fast by vines. So constrained, Siran was angered and howled shadows at her sister. Summoning the purity of the Sun Tirin lit up her sister which lanced Siran with unbearable pain. She suffered and screamed with countless voices of hate.
Desano the Glowing, spent his time between jousting with Selinda and fighting shadows by using light to banish the darkness. He then organised the mage’s guild in teams to fight back against the shadows.
Garryck summoned a pony in his cell and had the poor beast break the cell door open. He runs out into the street and comes face to face with a shadow. His survival instincts kick in and he curls into a ball and feigns death. The shadow is not fooled. Pain ensues.
Garryck the Whimperer decides that friendship is the best option, and bargains with the Shadow being. It goes to get a master who accepts Garryck’s offer of friendship and help.
After this they run out of the city together.
Meanwhile, Tirin and Siran were taken to the mage guild as survivors to be treated while the shadows were fought outside. Desano returned and resumed Jousting with Selinda.
As the mage healers and priests made their way through the triage room it became apparent that hiding the true nature of Siran was impossible. So A call went out to Garryck, who answered.
Tension mounted at the mage’s guild as preparations for an exorcism were made.
As the Priest began his rituals Garryck arrived and unleashed a shadow at him, slaying him. He then grabbed Siran and ran out into the woods.
Everyone followed. The Priest Walked the Air, Desano and the Archmage flew and Tirin took wing and followed.
Garryck and Siran crossed the veil into the realm of Shadow.

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